Three Compelling Reasons Why You Must Hire a Video Professional

In this age when everyone has a camera built right into the phone they carry with them at all times, it can be easy to feel like you can forgo real video-production services and just do the job yourself. There are, however, reasons to think hard about the value of working with a real professional. Before you decide you are the next Steven Spielberg and want to create your own promotional video, consider these three compelling reasons you should hire a videographer. Read More 

Tips For Capitalizing On Sports Ticket Sales Even In Small Venues

Most of the sports ticket management specialists for large arenas understand that the bottom line of making a profit on each event is ensuring that you have people in every seat. You need to sell as many tickets as possible. But, what's the secret? If you're trying to fill seats and sell out an event for a smaller venue, like a high school football arena, you may not have the knowledge of the pros. Read More 

Why You Need A Mobile Billboard To Advertise Your Online Business

Online businesses have their own form and means of advertising, from social media websites to guest posting on relevant blogs geared toward the niche you sell in. There is another way to advertise your e-commerce or design store – mobile billboards. There is a good reason why you should invest in this unique form of advertising, it will give you a great deal of exposure. What is a Mobile Billboard? Read More 

Message Penetration And Successful Immersion - Tips For Successfully Reaching College Students

The average college student often believes he or she is overworked, under appreciated, and subjected to financial stress which they perceive to be entirely unfair. As such, marketing tools aimed at this demographic may struggle to achieve true market penetration, as there's a jaded quality to many students which causes them to merely brush aside any information they believe is unnecessary. The challenge, then, becomes speaking in a language that is more likely to garner the attention and respect of the demographic you're looking to secure. Read More 

Marketing To Visual Learners

Imagine trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with verbal instructions and no pictures. You would be trapped for hours or even days trying to match up the brown, dull shapes. Once you saw the picture, however, you would make amazing progress. For visual learners, all tasks are somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. They learn and operate best by seeing images. Since 65% of people are visual learners, your online marketing campaign needs to be visually oriented in order to engage the greatest number of people. Read More