How Video Marketing Benefits Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents trying to take control of their own marketing are often going to run into a pretty tough brick wall. That's because they may not realize their own strengths lie in showing a home and detailing its many benefits. As a result, agents trying to market themselves without outside help should consider using videos as a way of standing out in an often tough crowd. Marketing as a Real Estate Agent is Often Tough Read More 

Six Things Your Marketing Content Must Do

The importance of marketing with content cannot be overemphasized nowadays. The content you offer will have a profound influence on the success of your online marketing efforts. This means that you need to make sure your content does all the things it needs to do to have maximum effect as part of your marketing strategy.  The following are six things your marketing content must do for maximum effect:  Draw in the reader's attention immediately Read More 

Four Factors To Be Aware Of Regarding Addressable Digital Advertising Services

Advertising is getting more and more complicated as time goes on. Audiences have so many options in terms of what to watch—and an ability to easy skip over advertising that they don't want to see—that the challenge of getting through to audience members is more difficult than ever. Addressable advertising can help to deal with the dilemmas of modern advertising by targeting an audience with hyper-personalization so that customers are more engaged and more likely to pay attention. Read More 

Writing The Best CTA For Your Email Newsletter

A call-to-action is everything when it comes to an email newsletter. As a CPA, you're often requesting that your clients contact you — either for more information about a product or a service, or to meet specific tax deadlines. Here are a few tips for crafting the best CTA. Make Sure to Personalize It As a CPA firm, you're probably fairly close with your clients. Rather than just sending out a newsletter, consider adding a personal note. Read More 

How To Come Up With A Good Marijuana Packaging Design

When opening a dispensary and running a marijuana-related business, it is important to brand your business in a way that helps you get more exposure and make additional sales. While there are plenty of dispensaries in different states across the country, you want people to choose your dispensary for the products they want and need. Before you officially start selling products, you need to come up with the perfect marijuana packaging design. Read More