Use A Giant Advertising Inflatable That Relates To Your Business

When businesses want to attract the attention of prospective customers, they often turn to giant advertising inflatables. These colorful marketing tools come in a wide range of forms, including many that can work well in a number of applications. For example, an inflatable that is shaped and decorated like a hot air balloon will definitely turn heads among those who pass, making it a good addition to any business. If you're thinking about renting or buying an inflatable, consider looking for something that specifically relates to your business. This will help to emphasize what your business does, which can help to draw people through your doors. Here are some businesses and some advertising inflatables that work well together.

Coffee Shop

Running a coffee shop is a competitive business, given the number of options that people have for hot drinks and baked goods. If you want to use an advertising inflatable to attract attention, try to find one that depicts something that you sell. An inflatable that is shaped like a take-out coffee cup or a coffee mug can catch peoples' eyes and let them know that there's a coffee shop nearby. Alternatively, you might consider an inflatable that is shaped like a donut; ideally, it will compel people to make a spontaneous visit to your shop for a snack.

Vehicle Dealership

Vehicle dealerships frequently use an assortment of marketing devices to spread the word about sales, new product lines, and more. If you run this type of business and you're evaluating different advertising inflatables, a good choice will be one that is shaped like a car or a truck. Many companies produce such designs, so look for a vehicle that shares some visual similarities with some of the vehicles that you sell. Make sure to choose a bright color such as red or yellow, as it will have more of a visual impact than a bland color such as gray.

Toy Store

For any toy store, it's important to make people want to visit your store to shop instead of buying toys from other online sources. Giant advertising inflatables that relate to the toys that you carry can be effective for making children notice and, ideally, asking their parents if they can visit. Look for an inflatable doll, robot, train, or monster. Each of these ideas will tie into the various products that you sell for children. Find a local company that specializes in giant advertising inflatables to assess your options.