Why You Should Advertise on a Streaming Service Instead of Local Television

Are you thinking about advertising your company or service with the local TV station or on basic cable? Before you make a commitment in this regard, one other option you may want to consider is a streaming service that plays commercials. Working with a Hulu advertising agency for example, or an ad agency that can get you on another similar streaming service can offer some clear benefits. Read on to learn more.

Viewers Won't Change the Channel

One of the most common problems with advertising on traditional television is that the viewer can simply flip the channel for 30 seconds to a minute while your commercial plays and then come back when their show returns. This typically does not work when you are watching something on a streaming app. 

Most current streaming apps require the entire ad to play in full before the streaming app will return to the viewer's program. If the viewer tries to leave for another app, the ads will simply pause or start over when the viewer opens the streaming service again. This increases the odds that someone will actually pay attention to what you are saying in your commercial.

Target a Specific Audience With More Precision Than Local TV

Today's top streaming services have a lot of data on their viewers, with everything from the viewer's approximate age to their location. If you want to target a specific age group or a specific city, advertising with a streaming service may allow you to focus on your target audience with much greater precision than local or cable TV.

Repeat Ads Can Increase Brand Awareness

With certain programs on some streaming services, it may be possible to have your 30-second ad play during each commercial break of the show. By repeating the ad to the same viewer multiple times within a 30 or 60 minute time frame, you can improve your brand awareness and increase the chances that the viewer will pay attention to the ad in full at least once, even if they are getting up to go to the fridge during some other replays. It can be more difficult or more expensive to get your ad scheduled for repeat plays like this when you are competing with other ads on local or cable TV.

Streaming services are a viable option for advertisers today. Advertising on a streaming service may increase the chances that the viewer actually watches your ad in full or may allow you to better target a specific group of people. Contact a streaming service ad agency today for more information.