How To Start Putting Together A Great Video For Your Company

Having a video on YouTube or another service, or having corporate videos available for orientations or training, is a necessity these days. It's easier than ever to create videos with the help of a smartphone, but that doesn't mean everyone is well-versed in how to actually make a video from start to finish. Videos need to be well-scripted and produced, and it's a lot better to have a video production service—such as Chameleon Communications—involved from the beginning. Read More 

Improve The Experience: Why Invest In An Experiential Marketing Trailer

If you own a business, and you want to increase your brand recognition, now's the time to invest in an experiential marketing trailer. You might think that you can set up a promotional tent when you participate in trade-shows, and civic events, but that's not necessarily the case. Promotional tents do provide you with some coverage, but that's about as far as the benefits go. To maximize your participation, you need to go above and beyond the basic promotional tent. Read More