Writing The Best CTA For Your Email Newsletter

A call-to-action is everything when it comes to an email newsletter. As a CPA, you're often requesting that your clients contact you — either for more information about a product or a service, or to meet specific tax deadlines. Here are a few tips for crafting the best CTA.

Make Sure to Personalize It

As a CPA firm, you're probably fairly close with your clients. Rather than just sending out a newsletter, consider adding a personal note. After sending a newsletter, attach something such as "John, I know we need to talk about this. Contact me!" Personalizing your newsletters shows that you're paying attention to your customers, even if you only send such personalized emails to your most high value clients.

Create a Highly Detailed CTA

Don't just tell your customers to call you. Give them something specific to do, such as "Have you sent in your receipts for 2019 yet? Download our new application to upload them directly to our server." Giving your customers a specific action to take is going to make them more likely to contact you, even if they aren't performing that action. At very least, they may contact you to ask you for further direction.

Involve a Sense of Urgency

Many clients put off their accounting as much as they possibly can, because they really don't want to get into it. Always make sure there's a sense of urgency attached, by mentioning the consequences of delaying beforehand. A good call to action, for instance, might be, "If you don't get your taxes filed by April 15th, you could face significant penalties. Upload your documents today to get your taxes filed on time."

Let Them Know Who to Contact

Rather than signing off with a generic newsletter signature, sign with the name of a specific individual. Whether it's a partner or a lower ranking employee, providing the name of a specific individual shows that there's a single point-of-contact. That will not only make the email feel more personal and engaging, but it will also encourage customers to contact that person if they have any questions.

Create an Easy to Use Link

An email CTA should almost always be a tracked, easy-to-use link. Rather than directing clients to call (which is more difficult), asking them to click on a link is much easier. They can even save the URL to do it later.

Every email newsletter needs a strong CTA. With the above tips, you should be able to craft engaging, compelling CTAs, and get more clients connecting directly with your business. From there, you can make better use of your accounting firm email platform.

Speak with a local CPA email newsletter provider for more help.