Mobile App Development: Android Or iOS?

If you're just breaking into mobile app development, you may be wondering whether you should start with Android development or iOS development. These are very different environments. Though they both come with some robust tools, the choice is likely to have an impact on your path as a developer. Choosing Android: The Benefits  The Android app marketplace is a lot like the wild, wild west. It costs less to publish to Android, but you're also in competition with far more apps. Read More 

These 5 Things Can Help Improve Your Small Retail Shop’s Profit Margins

Looking for ways to improve your retail shop's profit margins? These five ideas can help you get the job done: In-Store Promotions A great way to draw more attention to your store and to get customers to buy more once they walk through your doors is to offer various in-store promotions throughout the year. Whether you decide to give special coupons away to any customer who purchases something in a given day, or you want to hold a drawing for a free item at the end of each month, promotions big and small will make your customer base feel special and provide them with perks that encourage them to keep coming back for more. Read More 

Buying And Selling Tickets: Why You Need A Better System

Buying and selling sports tickets in big cities like New York is big business. Everyone wants seats at a Knicks game or a Yankees game, and they are willing to pay big bucks to get seats at the last minute. If you are already buying and selling sports tickets like hotcakes at a breakfast buffet, you need a better system to do it rather than hawk them at hotels and airports. Read More 

Benefits Of Adding Incentives To Your Mobile Truck And Other Advertisements

Truck advertisements are a great way to increase the local visibility of your business. You can go one step further with them by adding incentives to make the advertisements work even harder for your business. People See Truck Advertisements All the Time Truck advertisements are great for making people aware of your business. But people see these advertisements all the time. Many ignore them. A good way to keep eyes on the ad is to offer an incentive. Read More 

Making The Sale: Face-To-Face Marketing Tactics

When you're trying to recruit new clients, you may have to knock on a few doors. The art of the cold call is not complicated, although it may be challenging in today's hectic, tech-savvy world. While it's easy enough to drop an email to a company that you want to do business with, it may not be the best way to foster a long-lasting, loyal customer relationship. Follow these tips to get past the cold call and get your foot in the door with prospective clients. Read More