How To Start Putting Together A Great Video For Your Company

Having a video on YouTube or another service, or having corporate videos available for orientations or training, is a necessity these days. It's easier than ever to create videos with the help of a smartphone, but that doesn't mean everyone is well-versed in how to actually make a video from start to finish. Videos need to be well-scripted and produced, and it's a lot better to have a video production service—such as Chameleon Communications—involved from the beginning.

You Really Need to Know What Your Point Is

No matter how good you are with writing or filming, none of that will matter if your video seems to have no point. You need to set out in no uncertain terms what you want to accomplish with the video. Is it for training new employees? Great—what are you training them on, what questions do people normally have about the process, and what skill level do you want them to have once they've finished watching the video? All of that needs to be accounted for. Otherwise, you could end up with a vague and unhelpful video. If you're having trouble transferring what's in your mind to your video plan, speak with the production service staff as they might be able to help you outline what you need. That could require contracting with them for additional writing or consulting service and fee, but it's worth it.

Avoid Jargon! Get Writing Help if Needed

Let's say you know what you need and want in the video, but you're stuck writing with corporate jargon that makes viewers' eyes glaze over. Even if you understand it, if it feels official and technical, it's probably jargon. That might be OK for those viewers who are in the same position as you, but for others, it can be a turn-off and make them tune you out. If needed, ask the video production service if it has writing help or consultations available. Ask them to help you change the script to something that anyone would understand.

Create Your Video, Then Add in the Jokes or Shout-outs

Some companies like to put humor in their videos, which is great. Humor keeps people's attention and makes your company seem more amiable. But there is a tendency on the part of a lot of people to try and stuff a lot of jokes in. The result can be a disjointed video that seems to go off course. Instead, write your script and plot out the video, and then add in jokes where appropriate. If you're trying to acknowledge others or have a few shout-outs to people who helped you, add those after the script is written, too.

Different video production services have different levels of service. Some may help with writing while others just do the filming and editing. When you have an idea of what you want, start contacting companies to find out what specific services they have for you.