Buying And Selling Tickets: Why You Need A Better System

Buying and selling sports tickets in big cities like New York is big business. Everyone wants seats at a Knicks game or a Yankees game, and they are willing to pay big bucks to get seats at the last minute. If you are already buying and selling sports tickets like hotcakes at a breakfast buffet, you need a better system to do it rather than hawk them at hotels and airports. Here is why.

You Can Keep Better Track of Your Money

Selling sports tickets left and right is great, but what you actually want to do is keep track of all of the money you are making. Investing in something like sports tickets management software can help you keep track of your money, the tickets you have versus the tickets you have sold, and even allow customers to buy tickets online. When you make your ticket sales easier to find and easier to use, you can sell even more tickets and make even more money.

Tickets Never Go Missing

Walking around with fistfuls of tickets is a problem. You can lose tickets by dropping them or by having a customer pluck them out of your hand while you are arguing with another customer. Misplacing a stack of tickets at home is another problem, especially if you have already sold those tickets and now you cannot find them. You could be perceived as a fraud and a thief, which is never good for this kind of business. 

You Never Resell Tickets on Accident

Independent sales agents of sports tickets have done this at least once in their careers. Clearly, it is an accident, but you never want to resell tickets that you have already sold. Keeping track of everything and keeping it all organized drastically reduces the probability of this embarrassing situation occurring.

You Can Mark Batches of Tickets When and If They Are Counterfeit

This happens sometimes. You buy a batch of tickets believing they are the real deal. When they arrive and you are getting ready to sell them, you notice that they are not quite right. Buying counterfeit tickets burns you and burns your customers who were hoping to get the tickets to the games they wanted to see. At least with a better ticket sales system, you can mark these tickets as counterfeits, and then file a police report for proper documentation so that they can try to catch the counterfeiters.