Benefits Of Adding Incentives To Your Mobile Truck And Other Advertisements

Truck advertisements are a great way to increase the local visibility of your business. You can go one step further with them by adding incentives to make the advertisements work even harder for your business.

People See Truck Advertisements All the Time

Truck advertisements are great for making people aware of your business. But people see these advertisements all the time. Many ignore them. A good way to keep eyes on the ad is to offer an incentive.

It's even possible that you already offer a service for free. For example, do you already give free quotes, free consultations, or discounts on large orders? You can add that to the advertisement. By doing so, you create a local recognition of the brand. You also let potential clients and customers know some of what you do. In addition to all of that, you give people something to talk about.

One person may remember there's a local company that sells tires. If you include free tire rotation and balancing with every purchase, people will pass that information around. From a marketing standpoint, incentives can help you reach your target demographic more efficiently.

Make Incentivized Advertising a Part of Your Overall Marketing Plan

Truck advertising can play an important role in your marketing plan. However, incentivizing ads doesn't start and stop with your truck banners. It can also work for your online and other advertisement strategies. If you offer the same incentive across the board, it will work to reinforce the message for those that see it more than once.

Show Care with Frequently Changing Incentives

One caveat to incentivizing your truck ads has to do with frequently changing incentives. If the incentives represent a service you already offer for free, it's not a problem. But, if the incentive is a temporary one, you will have to make sure to time it and your truck advertising campaign just right.

You can destroy a lot of goodwill if a potential customer calls up to ask about an incentive that you still advertise, but no longer offer. If you switch promotions frequently, leave the incentive out of your truck advertisement altogether.

Speak to a Truck Advertising Specialist

A truck-advertising specialist, such as those at TSN Advertising, can help you figure out what can work best for you. They can help you in many ways, such as:

  • Choosing the right design
  • Putting that design on trucks in your targeted area
  • Advising which areas offer the most visual impressions
  • Helping you figure out how long to run the ad

You may learn some things through your truck ad campaign that you can apply to your other advertising endeavors.