Three Compelling Reasons Why You Must Hire a Video Professional

In this age when everyone has a camera built right into the phone they carry with them at all times, it can be easy to feel like you can forgo real video-production services and just do the job yourself. There are, however, reasons to think hard about the value of working with a real professional. Before you decide you are the next Steven Spielberg and want to create your own promotional video, consider these three compelling reasons you should hire a videographer.

Quality Matters

Human beings are inherently judgmental, and nowhere does that judgment land harder than on people who produce low-quality products. Quality is a concept that easily transfers by way of association. There's a tendency to decide that if a company doesn't care about its marketing, there's little reason to believe it will care about its products and services either.

A tack-sharp promotional video is a statement about your organization. It lets people know you prioritize quality. By signaling that your company values quality, you can realize returns that may easily exceed the savings attained by going with a cheaper option.


Professional video-production firms have a lot of equipment at their disposal. Good lenses make a difference in video quality. Videographers have access to lighting rigs that can allow you to make a real impression. They also have relationships with other professionals that can gain them access to materials and locations that you could never get. All of this allows you to save time and aggravation, and that ultimately will allow you to focus on creating a promotional video that amazes your audience rather than mucking around trying to even get things started.

Professionals also have access to editing equipment and software that's expensive and hard to learn to use. These resources permit them to do more delicate work and to handle the job fast. The time you save upfront by using a DIY approach may be lost on the back end as you try to splice everything together into a usable product.


It's hard to describe what a challenge a video shoot can turn into, and the editing process isn't a breeze either. Videography is a labor of love, and like many professions, it requires that people who do it put in the time to become good at it. A video-production services provider will know the difference between a music track that's touching and one that's overwrought. Setting the pace is also important, and only an experienced professional can help you create a promotional video that keeps your audience's attention.