Tips For Capitalizing On Sports Ticket Sales Even In Small Venues

Most of the sports ticket management specialists for large arenas understand that the bottom line of making a profit on each event is ensuring that you have people in every seat. You need to sell as many tickets as possible. But, what's the secret? If you're trying to fill seats and sell out an event for a smaller venue, like a high school football arena, you may not have the knowledge of the pros. Here are a few tips to help you increase your ticket sales and profits for the sports events in your arena.

Utilize Visualization 

One of the best ways to reach your intended customers is by making them see what you have to offer them. Paint a picture for them that details what they can expect of the experience. Market the event using descriptive, sensory words that draw people in. Focus on things like "Why watch the game on TV when you can see it in person, feel the vibration of the crowd's energy and smell the field? If it's a hometown high school team in a smaller community, you can even draw them in with words about community support and bonding experiences.

Maximize The Fan's Experience

Every sports event is a fan experience in itself, but the arena, the players and the organizer all have their own unique fan experiences to offer. You can encourage more ticket sales when you use these experiences to your advantage. For example, you might be able to close on large group sales by offering them specialty seats, locker room tours, warm-up access or even the ability to be part of the pre-game ceremonies. Think about the types of things that will make the games memorable for your buyers. You can even offer discounted tickets for mothers on "Mom's Night" or a deal that encourages the actual team to bring their family by providing discounts for family members.

Make Memories, Not Sales

Consider creating event packages that help buyers to turn the game into a memory-making moment. Offer special access to press areas, sideline seats or special memorabilia and photo offerings. You can even create "Date Night" deals that include dinner at a local restaurant along with the event tickets.

The more value you're offering your buyers, the greater the chance that you'll sell out those seats for the next game. Don't let the idea of being a small, hometown venue discourage you from thinking about big success. For more tips, talk with a local sports ticket management company today.