Daily Article Marketing Writing Tips

Increasing website traffic happens when articles are written and submitted on a regular basis. Daily writing is preferred, as long as you can find enough inspiration and ideas for this content. These daily article marketing writing tips help you come up with new ideas and get the content complete on a daily basis.

Finding Inspiration

Before you can start writing your articles, you need to find some inspiration. There are many different sources to turn as you find ideas for your articles. Some of these include compiling a list of relevant keywords and working off of those, setting up alerts for the newest updates and news stories, and looking at social media trends to work off of what is currently popular. Stay organized and maintain a list of article titles and topics that you want to keep writing. If you write daily, aim for one a day and more if you are able to.

Capture Attention with the Title

Your articles will always start with a captivating and compelling title. Don't just consider the content, but the format as well. You don't want a long title that drags on and doesn't give your reader something substantial. If you're mentioning two different keywords, do so in a way that the title is still easy to understand. Otherwise, keep the title as short as you can, while using captivating language that makes them want to learn. Don't be too vague, and always provide a keyword within the title so readers know it is worth reading.

The Length of the Article

After writing the title, you will begin on the body. When you write, make sure you don't have content that is too long or too short. Choose a length that is long enough for search engines to rank the content, but not so long that readers only read half of your content, or skim through the entire thing. About 400-600 words is usually a good length for articles and blog posts.


Articles are much easier to read when they are formatted correctly. A lot of readers will go straight past the introduction and look for subheadings or bullet points. You always want to have it split up into different sections with subheadings describing the following content. Articles that are nothing but text, similar to reading an essay, will most likely be passed over as they are difficult to follow.

Include Minimal Links

If the website where you are hosting the articles allows links, and this is your goal, keep them minimal. A few things and no more should be used in the body of the article, without being too obvious. Space them out so the reader isn't bombarded with words and phrases linking all over the web. They will get annoyed and will no longer want to keep reading.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to keep up with your daily article writing and marketing for any type of product or service.